Ticket Traffic Management Car Parking System

With the development of the economy, more and more people choose to drive. In order to manage vehicle safety and facilitate travel, Yujin Network Technology Co., Ltd. has released license plate recognition system, which can realize unattended management. The following is the introduction of this system.

Plan A

When customers drive to the parking lots entrance, the LPR camera recognized the license automatically.

1. Enter Process

When the vehicle stops in front of the entrance,the barrier keeps the state of the drop.The sense of the ground detects the presence of a vehicle, the license plate recognition camera will automatically recognize and record the license plate number, the vehicle enters the time, the remote management system captures the data provided by the camera and saves it to the database, the management system sends a signal indication, the parking barrier lifts the pole, and the vehicle waits through the safety sensor, the parking barrier is lowered. 

2. Exit Process 

When the vehicle stops at the exit, in front of barrier. The sense of the ground detects the presence of a vehicle and uses a professional license plate recognition camera to verify the license plate based on the list of vehicles on the database or payment information. The management system verifies the correct payment, the parking barrier lifts the pole, allows the driver to leave the parking lot, and once the vehicle passes the safety sensor the barrier is off the pole.


Plan B

If the LPR system cannot recognized the license, the driver presses the button to get a bar code ticket in the entrance ticket machine.

After the driver takes the ticket, the parking barrier will open automatically, then the driver can drive his car into the parking lot.

When the vehicle detector cannot detect a car's coming, the control cabinet and barrier will never start working, in this case, even a man press the green button, the entrance ticket machine will never dispense a ticket.

The automatic payment machines are used in the shopping lot usually.

The customer enters the license plate number or ticket through the self-payment terminal installed in the shopping mall, confirms the vehicle parking charge information according to the vehicle picture displayed by the system, and scans the paper ticket to display the parking information, pays the parking fee by cash or credit card, and leaves the parking after the payment is completed field.

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