Parking Space Management Solution For Hotel

With the continuous development of economy and strong support of tourism,  hotel industry also rises rapidly. However, an important part of hotel management is parking space solution.


Solution 1 : When there are fewer parking Spaces in the hotel

1. Make reasonable use of existing parking Spaces to meet the needs of residents as much as possible.

Most customers from surrounding cities drive their own cars to hotel. Free parking is a common way for hotels to attract customers. However, if the number of parking spaces in their own hotels cannot meet the needs of customers, they need to control the parking of other vehicles.

2.Find suitable parking places to customers for their vehicles.

When more vehicles and more demand for parking, it should be found a suitable location for parking.


Solution2: When the hotel has no parking space

1. The dedicated space of hotel is needed. Because it will directly affect the business of hotel.

2. Choose the nearest parking lot for cooperation to ensure the parking and safety of vehicles.

3. Find a suitable site to be enclosed and managed as the hotel's special parking space.

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