How License Plate Recognition System Reduces Parking Management Pressure?

        The license plate recognition system adopts a modern management method to scientifically manage vehicles and personnel to reduce queue congestion. Comprehensive monitoring of the parking lot provides strong evidence of property theft and other economic losses, improving the safety of parking and allowing car owners to enjoy the benefits of a secure car park. If you want to know more about  ANPR parking, pls contact with us


        The vehicle is automatically identified and does not require manual operation. An indistinguishable license plate number can be well identified. Whether it is a monthly vehicle or a temporary vehicle or even an unauthorized vehicle, the license plate recognition system captures the license plate number, body and model images and uploads the images to a database for storage.


        Secondly, through the parking space guidance screen, you can know the situation of each parking space in real time, and can communicate to the owner in the first time, so that the owner knows where there is spare parking space, and the payment is convenient. The license plate recognition system can pass WeChat, Alipay QR code. Payment, the self-service payment machine of the parking lot can also check the payment by itself, avoiding the management personnel receiving the counterfeit currency in the cash transaction, and avoiding the trouble of redemption.

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