Pedestrian access control solution

        As the basic model of the pedestrian passage, the tripod turnstile barrier gate is widely used in a variety of projects, from subway gates to community passages, from the construction site to the supermarket entrance, covering almost all life scenarios. Only for the deep development of the intelligent control of the tripod turnstile barrier gate, the original access control identification method has been unable to keep up with the system. Today, let's take a look at the access control identification method that the tripod turnstile barrier gate can match.
        At present, the conventional tripod turnstile barrier gate access control method is infrared sensor, IC/ID card, and ID card has also become popular.
        Infrared sensing: Infrared sensing probes are installed at the entrance and exit of the tripod turnstile barrier gate. Generally, two pairs are installed at the entrance and exit. For some projects, six pairs need to be installed. The infrared sensing has high accuracy, can effectively handle the inflow and out of the adult flow, and remains open, but the security for the personnel identification is zero.
        IC/ID card: IC/ID card recognition method Compared with infrared sensor, it has a certain degree of identification for the people entering and leaving. The card needs to be encrypted and sent out, and a card read head is installed at the entrance and exit of the tripod turnstile barrier gate for reading. This kind of card encryption is relatively low-level and easy to crack. Moreover, it is not easy for a person who uses a card to discriminate, and it is easy for others to use a card.

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