Why long range Bluetooth car parking system better than RFID tag car parking system
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Now in China, more and more parking service providers prefer the long range Bluetooth car parking system to RFID tag parking system. 


They share some similar features, card stuck to windshield, non-stop and for regular parker, but the Bluetooth car parking system is superior for below features:


1.Anti-interference, it will not affected by anti-blast film in the windshield, however, the RFID tag will be easily affected by metal in the windshield glass.

2.Fast speed and long distance reading, good directivity. Reading distance can be controlled(1-5M,5-10M,10-20M for option), not stop reading for driving speed at 10-40km/h, however, the reading distance for RFID tag reader cannot be adjusted.


Yujin long range parking system provides smooth running and well management of parking, bringing great convenience to the parking lot owner.

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